GROWING your career requires a trusted partner *.

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Chali can help :

When you’re building a career in the fashion industry, you need a partner that delivers flexibility and control for everything that matters most.

Chali is a consulting firm, tailor-made for our fast-paced, changing times. Whether you’re getting started as an #influencer or booking runway shows around the world, we’re dedicated to working alongside you and your agencies to set up the financial foundation to help you succeed.


As you focus on leveling up your career,
we’re hard at work behind the scenes,
helping you create a solid fiscal system that’s as unique as you.


We help you manage your income through an analysis and overview of your statements per agency.
In doing so, we provide accurate, up-to-date financial reporting (tax and royalty) every step of the way.


You work hard for your money.
We help analyze your spending and save you money by telling you which expenses are deductible.


The future is sooner than you think. As a result,
we’re here to help you plan for what comes next by taking care of your investments – real estate or otherwise.

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Trust us:

We know what you’re going through,
because we’ve been there, too.

Charlotte di Calypso

Model & Co-founder

“I was sixteen when I started modeling, and no matter how well my agencies did their job – I still faced problems when it came to the logistical and financial aspects of my career. Whether it was declaring and paying my taxes in different countries, managing my income and expenses, juggling a jam-packed schedule,

getting travel visas and finding a flat to rent, I felt overwhelmed. I tried to carefully write all of my jobs in notebooks, which I inevitably lost throughout my travels. Doing it all on my own was hell, and I struggled to make sense of all of the administrative and financial obligations that fell on my shoulders.”

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Aliénor Dony

Lawyer & Co-founder

“In my work as a lawyer in an international law firm, I’ve worked with a variety of clients in the fashion industry. That’s when I realized that the general public doesn’t get the support or education they need when it comes to taxes, finances and paperwork. Moreover, because so many people working in the fashion industry are young – many of

them find the legal jargon and administrative tasks daunting, and they aren’t sure who to trust. That’s why Charlotte and I teamed up to create Chali – so we can identify the problems before they start, and help bypass tricky situations.”

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Chali takes care of the finer details,
so you can focus on the big picture.

We’ve spent time with people in the fashion industry – designers, influencers, supermodels, and people just like you – to better understand how we could make your lives easier, your careers more productive and your administrative tasks more seamless. That’s why we created the Chali app.

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Take care of yourself.
Make a choice future, you will proud of.

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